L.K. Jayaratne


L.K. Jayaratne

CEO RN Media


Jayaratne comes with many years of experience in the field of construction and administration having worked on big projects both in Sri Lanka and the Middle East. He joined the Grant Group on his return in 2000 to venture into the field of outdoor and retail advertising. His expertise covers Outdoor Advertising & Production, Human Resource Management, project implementation, Cost Control & Budgeting of Large Scale Construction Projects. By working with multinational organizations, he has learned several languages in addition to managerial and administrative skills as well as hands on production techniques.

As CEO of RN Media, he was responsible for the entire Outdoor Advertising Operations. He took a break from the Grant Group in 2008 when he joined one of the biggest signage factories in Bahrain as Production Manager. He enhanced his knowledge on all aspects of outdoor advertising and signage in a world class fabricating environment with exposure to new technology and innovation.

He rejoined RN Media in 2010 as General Manager to spearhead the entire Outdoor Advertising exploring new opportunities for brands.