Laila Gunersekara




When she was 17, Laila’s father ordered “Go, join advertising, I’ll speak to my friend Reggie and arrange it.” She meekly obeyed. That was the last meek move she ever made. She walked into Grants then, at Iceland Buildings, took the bull by the proverbial horns, embraced advertising tighter than most would embrace a lover and proceeded to place Grants and herself firmly on the map. Today, 26 years on, she looks back with pride…Innumerable SLIM awards, Golden Sumathi’s, Sizzling Chilli awards, Shiny Effies and pride of place – the 1000 voices award for Social Marketing, The Harrison K. McCann Award for Leadership Excellence and the Zonta Woman of Achievement Award for Advertising. She was the president of the 4A’s in a land mark year and is today on the board of the IAA.

This previous honours graduate of Psychology, Sociology, and English believes the Grant Group is the most awesome place in the world and that 67kg is ideal weight for a woman. She is Vice President of the Group.