1. “Reggie was an absolute gentleman. He was also so interesting to listen to, whatever be the topic. I miss both Reggie and Therese dearly.” – Sohli Captain

2. “Reggie Candappa – A natural in-born Ad man with huge heart and gigantic imagination and a natural fine honed ‘people’ instinct. He had ideas at his fingertips and an embrace that lept next door or wound its way all around the world. But it got to you. And something compelled you to embrace back!!! ” – Lilamani Dias Benson

3. “Reggie’s great sense of humanity made this amazingly talented personality our long-standing friend and perfect gentleman. ” – Goolbai Gunasekara

4. ” Reggie Candappa inspired you without making a fuss about it, sans any fanfare and ceremony. But he made you feel, effortlessly, sensitively, that you were the most important spoke in the creative wheel of the agency. And he made everyone feel like this.” – Paddy

5. “When I think of Reggie , I want to humbly kneel at this feet and say : ” here was a true blue blooded Advertising man” ` – Sorab Mistry

6. “Not just my father not just my boss but my closest friend. It’s not often a daughter can say this but he was my inspiration and my role model. He believed in me even when at times I did not believe in myself He created the path for me to become the person I am today.” –  Neela Marikkar

7. “An honorable man full of wisdom, of impeccable character, a talented artist, photographer & cartoonist. A kind and generous man full of historical knowledge and accomplishment. A wonderful father in law to me. ” – Zarook Marikkar

8. “Being my daddy’s girl is easy, I do it every day. Missing you is a heartache that is here to stay.” –  Sriyani Tidball

9. “My grandfather, Reggie, in his unconditional love and his drive to keep searching and learning, taught me never to think anything was impossible. He nurtured and encouraged us to believe, and most of all he taught us to forgive and to love without fear. I miss him everyday and treasure his life. ” – Leah Marikkar

10. ” Seeya, I will never forget how much you taught me, in life and in art. You were the best story teller I ever knew. I love that Leah, you and I indexed our jokes. Joke 147 forever. ” – Tasha Marikkar

11. “Godfather, grandfather, greatness personified.”  – Rama Tidball

12. “Fond memories on his 100th birthday as the only boss I had. My guru – he molded me into the person I am. ” – Christine Shokman

13. ” A wonderful man who was so wise, kind and generous.” – Debbie Adihardjo Tidball

14. “Uncle Reggie was a kind hearted loving person whom I adored and respected.” –  Sriyan Senadhira

15. “I remember him introducing Nirmala as a vet to a client. He was always so proud of his staff. He sometimes gave us creative promotions!” –  Sandhya Salgado

16. “A self-made man who reached the pinnacle of advertising and earned the respect of all.” –  Mukthar Marikkar

17. “I’m was privileged to be accepted by this amazing human being as his God child.” – Suralini Perera

18. “I was 17 when I met my hero – Boss. The one & only Godfather of advertising. I have a million happy memories of him, his genuine love, his unwavering support, his supreme kindness. Shine on Boss. What a champion you were!” – Laila Gunesekere Martenstyn

19. “Truly the Renaissance man of his time, boss could bring out the best in people with a single word.” – Russell Miranda

20. “When I joined as copywriter, I was on the chairman’s floor. I always heard him laughing and his laughter was contagious. It was nice to have a happy boss.” – Chandrika

21. “The most amazing, generous character I ever met. Always loved his staff like family.” –  Rossen Krause

22. “When he walked into the department, it was as if Santa Claus had walked in. Always smiling, always laughing. ” – Yamindra Watson

23. “He was a wonderful person who could relate equally well to an adult or a small child.” –  Priyanka Senadhira

24. “An artist, a visionary and a true gentleman, in whose studio my 9-year-old mind found inspiration that has followed me throughout my career.” –  Minha

25. “Uncle Reggie’ was warm and humble. He generously imparted his valuable knowledge. I really cherish the all the memorable times spent with him.” –  Rohan Seniviratne

26. “Reggie Candappa was my first boss. I deeply value his leadership. His genuinely cared about his staff and treated them so well.” –  Ramani Ponnambalam

27. “A gentle and generous man, certainly an advertising giant – on a personal note went out of his way to write an impactful personal statement for my university application – ever grateful!” –  Nuha Ghouse

28. “His laughter was infectious. A real unique personality. He was loved by his staff.” –  Nirmala de Silva

29. “Uncle Candappa was a Kind hearted & wonderful person!!” –  Nafeeha Razik

30. “While I was relatively new, Boss actually invited me, a ‘podiyan’ then, to the Colombo Club for lunch. I felt like a million dollars to share a steak and vegetable au Gratin with this eminent stalwart.” –Shibly

31. “My fondest memory is of Uncle Reggie letting me spend hours painting away in his art studio at his home, surrounded by his colorful paints, brushes and a huge roll of paper whenever my family visited.” – Monique Choksy

32. “Boss once called me to his room and said “By looking at you, I Know what your interests are…” And lent me a valuable book on Absolute Vodka!! How special he made me feel.” – Chalaka Gajabahu

33. “My father told me how Boss used to take him out for lunch every single year on his birthday.” – Francine Roberts

34. “I mostly remember his laugh. ‘He was such a sweetheart. Didn’t have a bad word to say about anyone’.” – Adrian

35. “His cheery smile and twinkling eyes.” – Samantha

36. “An intelligent, friendly, generous, creative man of vision & compassion.” – Salih Razik

37. “Uncle Reggie: A larger than life personality and brilliant storyteller whose kindness touched everyone.” – Nadiyah Akram

38. “The Father of Srilankan Advertising!” –  Shifaya

39. “He wore his heart on his sleeve and it was a large heart from the bottom of which bellowed an unmistakable guffaw that still lingers” –  Rohan Rajaratnam

40. “Thank you for the art and being a wonderful influence in my life.” – Rushna Senadhira

41. “A boss and a Friend, two in one” – LK Jayaratne

42.” To me he was a father-figure, wise, full of love and humour and his valuable life advice is something I will always remember.” – Mumtaz Nastar

43. ” He was a pillar of strength, who just loved and respected everyone irrespective of their status.” – Minal Cooray

44. “Never stop learning” – Subha Grassi

45. “Something my Seeya told me, “I have no problem hiring someone better than me and paying them more than me. I know it will be better for the company in the end.” – Govinda Tidball

46. “We were blessed to enjoy a long standing friendship with Reggie who had a large heart, a great sense of humour and a generous spirit. We celebrate him with everyone to whom he was a special friend” – 
Dawn and Nigel Austin

47. “I always admired how well he blended outstanding creativity with any given business strategy so successfully.” –  Tissa Bandaranaike

48. “Reggie enriched the life of everyone fortunate enough to have experienced his affable nature.” – Deva Rodrigo

49. “Reggie was a great influence in my life, I enjoyed every minute of the time we spent together , whether it was regarding the Colombo Chetty Association. AIDS Awareness Campaigns or the Congress of Religions. the humilty, honesty and loyalty he displayed together with his jovial and good nature is a memory I truly cherish.” –  Shirley Tissera

50. “Reggie radiated happiness. There was always a smile on his face.” –  Chari De Silva

51. “Our ‘loku mahattaya’ was a great, selfless and kind man with wonderful qualities.” – Shantha Alwis